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Giant Migration is a licensed Immigration Consultancy firm based in 7 countries around the globe. As an immigration consultancy, the prime focus is to extend programs that help immigrants with legal immigration services to ensure a smooth and hassle-free immigration process.

Top Immigration Consultants in India

Our in-house team of experts are the top immigration consultants in India. We are well-versed to help aspirants make the shift to countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. We believe in offering an economic immigration program both at the provincial and federal level. We take pride in offering immigration assistance that is transparent and honest in approach. We don’t believe in false promises, we strive to deliver upon our commitment.

Giant Migration offers you the most reasonable way of immigration with our moderately priced packages. Our vision for our consultancy firm is to build lasting relationships. We understand the number of changes immigration would bring to your life, hence, we take away all the stress of paperwork and provide you peace of mind with our experts handling all the related paperwork for you.

6+ Years

Experience Immigration Services

We will not force you to use services that you do not need, and we will not offer you the most expensive way of immigration if you can use a cheaper package of services. We intend to maintain long-term relationships with our customers because we know that happy customers will recommend us to their friends and family members in the future, which will become our new customers.

Giant Migration was created with the goal of professional customer service in overcoming all the difficulties of immigration processes to the USA and EU countries, training, employment, and adaptation in a new place. After going through the whole process on our own and many years of living in these regions, we can confidently say that we know how and why you will need our experience and professionalism.

We are called upon to direct our experience, professionalism, and the knowledge acquired over the years to achieve your goal – to immigrate, study, live abroad. We have been represented in the immigration services market for more than ten years. We are based on the principles of flexibility, transparency, and precise planning of all stages of your immigration process – from analyzing and evaluating your immigration chances to obtaining a visa and, in the future, citizenship of the selected country.

Giant Migration would carry out the analysis of your candidacy for immigration, the receipt of various types of visas, and other elements of immigration law. We would also advise you professionally on the selection of programs and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the immigration case. As the best immigration agency, we are plumped to take a positive stride and have your back throughout the process. Your comfort is our topmost priority, and we organize what you desire. As immigration service providers, we perceive our role as an intermediary between your visa application and the international authorities. We believe in giving perfection in satisfaction, and our team is dedicated to your immigration needs.

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Our Values

Customer-centric Approach
Giant Migration believes in prioritizing customer’s needs, desires, and demands. The vision is to offer a comfortable partnership where both benefit.
Transparent and Honest
Transparent work with honest dialogue, defines our body of work, the best. We deliver upon our promise and never deter the path towards false promises.
Highly skilled employees with up-to-date service levels define our consultants.
Individual approach
Our customers' orders are unique and therefore based on an individual strategy and approach.
We take it upon ourselves to ensure the best level of consultancy service is extended to the aspiring immigrants.



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