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Apply In 7 Immigration Programmes by The Help of IRCCs Newly Launched Online App Portal

7 Immigration Programmes by The Help of IRCCs Newly Launched Online App Portal

Along with dreams, individuals also hope to find a successful immigration application or visa assistance for a reliable and genuine source, and eventually, it is hard to find but, if you get the right guidance then, you can find the best immigration consultants in your nearby. Giant migration is a visa expert platform that, offers many types of visa consultants and immigration help, as they also have initiated a helping hand to apply in 7 different immigration programmes by the source of IRCCs new launched online app portal, from where you can directly link your details via filling it on an online portal and register yourself for these 7 immigration programmes. We are also available with Australian immigration consultants who offer authentically detailed immigration consultation programmes for a candidate who are migrating to Australia.

These different immigration programmes are for the people who are looking to migrate to their desired country for different purposes such as; study, business, job or PR. Below are these 7 programmes, for which people apply to get their visa confirmed:

  • Quebec self-employed programme
  • Quebec entrepreneur program
  • Rural and northern immigration pilot programme
  • Non-express entry provincial nominee programme (PNP)
  • Agri-food pilot programme
  • Atlantic immigration pilot
  • Quebec selected investor programme


It is easy to apply for these programmes on paper but, it is not easy to handle all the paperwork alone, so IRCC has launched a new online postal app for applying to these immigration schemes which automatically eases the hassle of paperwork and time. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is an organization that felicitates the arrival of immigrants and refugees and offers them the 7 different immigration programmes to get a verified permanent residence in the country. So, it is very important to be qualified and experience to limit all the parameters of this programme to be a certified citizen of Canada.

IRCC launches online application portal for 7 immigration programs | Canada Immigration News

Giant migration is an online platform that helps people in acquiring a visa and immigration application easily, and also provides them legal consultation for visas and other lawful rules that are needed in the migrating country. We have a panel of expert advisors and knowledgeable professionals who themselves have years of living and ground skills in Visas. Our complete portal has detailed information and genuine consultation support, that we offer to our customers, which eventually increase their trust in us. Contact giant migration to avail the proficient visa consultation service, because we are the best Canada immigration consultants for IRCCs new online app portal for applying to 7 immigration programs, as we know what and which program, is better for you to apply in.

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