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Attain Canada PR Visa in Three Steps

Canada Permanent Residency is the most preferred visa category for skilled professionals outside Canada. This visa is a 5-year multiple entry visa that extends an opportunity to work and settle in Canada to skilled foreign workers.

After 3 years of staying and working on the PR Visa, you are eligible to change your Canada PR status to Canadian citizenship.

What are the benefits of your Canada Permanent Residency?

  • The applicant and spouse can work full time. This comes under “family status”.
  • Post-settlement, the applicant can invite parents.
  • Access to the USA.
  • Free education for children.
  • Health and social provisions for the family.

What are the Required Documents for PR Visa of Canada?

  • Education Transcripts
  • Employment Experience Letters
  • Qualifying WES Report
  • IELTS Score Card
  • Valid Passport
  • Medicals & Police Clearance Certificate
  • Proof of Identity

Canada PR Visa | Check Your Eligibility & Apply for Canadian PR from India

How to get PR in Canada?

You must satisfy two key qualifying requirements to immigrate to Canada.

  1. Based on your age, education, work experience, language abilities, flexibility, and the Canadian job offer, you must earn 67 points.
  2. Your job role must be included in Canada’s “National Occupational Classification” list of occupations. You may apply for a visa card in three easy steps after your eligibility has been verified.

Apply for a Canada PR visa in Three Easy Steps

STEP 1 – Check your points and education assessment carried out by assessing bodies like WES.

STEP 2 – Apply through Express Entry and get selected on basis of ranking.

STEP 3 – Receive an Invitation to apply. Make the final application along with relevant fees and required documents.

How to apply for a Permanent Residency in Canada?

  • To begin with, you must complete your Education credentials assessment (ECA).
  • Get minimum IELTS score required.
  • Lodge your application in the online pool with a profile for Express Entry.
  • Receive your ITA, Invitation to Apply.
  • Medical and Criminal Background checks by CIC, Canada Citizenship & Immigration.
  • Receive confirmation of the PR status.
  • The last and final step is to submit your passport for visa stamping.


Given the uncertain times, there are no firm deadlines for obtaining a permanent residence visa in Canada. Your CRS score has a significant impact on the selection and acceptance of your visa application. However, processing timeframes range from 4 to 6 months after obtaining an ITA. In case, you wish to speed up the process and minimize chances of rejection, you must consult Canada PR Visa Consultants in Delhi. Giant Migration is proud to rank amongst the top immigration consultants in Delhi. Get in touch with expert consultants to enjoy hassle-free immigration.

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