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Canada to Relax Medical Inadmissibility Rules

Canada immigration is contemplated to be one of the best in the world as it is packed with better opportunities for employment as well as personal growth. It is indeed a country for those in search who are looking for a better quality of life as well as money.

The Canadian economy is extremely rich with its government in full bid guaranteeing it is amongst the top 10 viable economies in the world. People from around the world, every year plan to migrate to Canada and there is good news for all these people as Canada decides to relax medical inadmissibility rules. Canada offers a vibrant range of immigration and visa programs for the employed, self-employed and businessmen sectors and those not authorized under the Immigration programs, the country still offers non-immigrant options such as work consent and student policies and the majority of these programs offer strong resident visa and Immigration.

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Canada immigration rules are not as strict when compared to other countries, hence is much susceptible to qualify. The Government of Canada declared to loosen the medical inadmissibility regulations for immigration applicants with disabilities and medical conditions. However, This would ultimately make it easier for individuals living with medical conditions compelling for treatment, like HIV, and will create slack for the parents of children living with certain mental health conditions, like autism and other similar problems. While the new constraints will not eliminate the medical inadmissibility prerequisite, the government has announced that the elimination of the policy can be expected in the coming future.

In-depth explanation 

The excessive pressure of the provision has made immigration complicated for people with medical conditions. Those living with diabetes, HIV, and other long-term circumstances compelling regular treatment have often been rejected for the cost of these drugs. Plus, children living with certain mental health conditions and learning disabilities have been denied.

Major changes include

Certain major changes made by the government include – 

  • Boosting the cost limit for medical inadmissibility by 300%
  • Altering the definition of social services by eliminating references to special education, social and vocational rehabilitation services and private support services.


Complete details have yet not been revealed but the changes would surely favor the immigrants. Further,  the government has expressed its support for the comprehensive elimination of the policy and the intention to continue working towards this goal.

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