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Canada To Welcome 6000 Caregivers by The End Of 2021

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A caregiver is the one who cares emotionally and physically for a person who is not medically or physically fit to take care of himself, and according to recent news, Canada will be welcoming 6000 caregivers by the end of the year 2021 which is a remarkable update. By the ending of the year 2021, IRCC has prioritized to give permanent resident applications to 6000 caregivers, and in addition to that some extra plans will be executed by IRCC for 6000 caregivers; which are as follows:


  • To complete the permanent resident application for 6000 caregivers who have in Canada work experience by the date 31se December 2021
  • To concluded 1500 first stage step application for, home child care providers and home support workers pilot by June 31, 2021
  • To issue more work permit for caregivers who have already permanent residency and needed work experience in Canada
  • To digitize the process of caregiver applications so that it can be easy to apply
  • To assure that applicants may receive the receipt by-line by the end of May 31 2021


 With the help of caregivers, there is a support system inclined in the houses that are having people and patients who need personal care, and these caregivers are well experienced in Canada to provide physical support and emotional balance to these people who are not wellbeing to support themselves physically and emotionally.


What Are the Basics of the Canada Caregiver Immigration Program?

Home child care provider and home support worker pilots were introduced in 2019, and these are considered to be a source of finding permeant residency in Canada and an assured work permit. By this act, any caregiver doesn’t need to bind with only one employer until he or she is working with them. Giant migration is a visa consultant and immigration application firm that helps its customers to apply for visas and immigration, and we offer good consultation with the deepest information on visas.

Canada Immigration Consultants in Delhi

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