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Canada’s Dependency on Temporary Skilled Workers To Meet The Labour Shortage Needs

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To meet its growing labour shortfall, Canada urgently requires temporary foreign workers. The epidemic of Covid-19 has increased competition for competent labour in several sections of the country. Furthermore, due to an ageing workforce and high retirement rates, Canada will grow increasingly reliant on immigration in the coming years to meet the demand for skilled employees and maintain the labour force.

Canada requires temporary specialist workers and must make use of existing workers who contribute to the country’s economic development and progress. Although Canada has been successful in attracting qualified workers, there have been delays in capitalizing on their abilities and maximizing their potential. Canada’s labour market is heating up as more positions are added, raising the country’s wage rate. The majority of job growth is associated with full-time employment. Over the last few months, industries including the services industry, food services, lodging, and construction have had the most job growth. With immigration consultants in Delhi for Canadayou can get assistance in migrating to Canada.

It is here that the importance of temporary skilled labour is highlighted. Temporary residents come to Canada for a limited time to fill positions that are not filled by locals. Temporary visas can be converted to permanent resident permits if you meet the necessary requirements.

A temporary residency visa is a tried-and-tested method of filling open positions while guaranteeing that foreign workers have the right and protection to work legally in Canada. Employers in Canada may hire temporary foreign workers under the following categories:

  • Low Wage Workers
  • High Wage Workers
  • Global Talent Stream
  • Foreign Agriculture Workers
  • Foreign Academics
  • In-home caregivers

The programmes are a significant instrument for stimulating Canada’s economy and attracting foreign workers who see the temporary worker programme as a broader path to permanent residency.

The 3 types of Canadian Work permits are:

  • Closed work permits
  • Openwork permit
  • LMIA-exempt work permits

A closed work permit allows an international worker to work in Canada in a certain occupation for a specific company. An open work permit, on the other hand, is not attached to any firm or working position. Connect with the best immigration consultants in Delhi NCR to know how you can immigrate to Canada.

The Labor Market Impact Assessment is the most prominent feature of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (LMIA). Any Canadian employer who wishes to engage a foreigner must first complete an LMIA, establishing a real need for an abroad expert due to a lack of local talent.

An employer can only engage a foreign national after obtaining an LMIA, which allows the foreign national to apply for a work permit in Canada.

Temporary programmes have been critical in bridging the gap between permanent residency options and Canada’s economic demands. As many industries continue to grow, there will be a demand for competent individuals in the country. Economic statistics also show a noticeable increase in certain areas, with new vocations being added to the list that requires specific qualifications and skills. So, now is the ideal time to immigrate to Canada and begin writing your family’s Canadian story. You can contact our immigration professionals at Giant Migration for additional information about Canadian immigration. We have the best immigration consultants in Delhi NCR who have assisted thousands of aspirants to settle in their choice of country. Connect with us to know more about all immigration pathways.

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