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Differentiating Between Skilled Independent and Nominated Visa

Australia is one of the most accommodating countries when we talk about immigration. The high quality of living, excellent educational standards, and tremendous career opportunities make Australia an incredible place to get settled in. In fact, several perks of living in Australia set it apart from other countries. The country offers numerous visa options to people who want to build a career here. Two of the very common Permanent Visa Types that attract a large number of migrants to Australia are:

  1. The Skilled Independent Visa (189)
  2. The Skilled Nominated Visa (190)

Both these visa categories are designed to attract Skilled and Experienced Migrants with occupations from the Skilled Occupation List. 

While these are quite similar in some aspects, there are several differences between the two as well. Let us find out some of the top differences between Subclass 180 and 190. 

State or Territory Sponsorship 

One of the main differences between subclass 189 and 190 is the requirement for sponsorship from a state or territory in Australia. The Skilled Independent Visa doesn’t require any sponsorship by Australian State or Territory. With sponsorship comes a criterion of that particular state or territory that the immigrant has to comply with. The requirements of every state are subject to frequent changes. If you are thinking of applying for the Skilled Nominated Visa for immigration to Australia from Indiayou need to check the criteria by the sponsoring state. 

Occupation List 

As the Subclass 190 Visa requires getting a nomination from an Australian state or territory, the Subclass 189 Visa requires the immigrant’s occupation to be listed in the Medium- and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). In contrast to this, the invitation to Subclass 190 depends upon the sponsorship from State or Territory and you are required to ensure that the occupation you are applying for is available in the specific state or territory as the occupation lists vary from one state/territory to another. 

Invitation Rounds 

Another point of difference between Skilled Independent Visa and Nominated Visa is the frequency of the invitation rounds. The Federal Government issues an invitation for 189 visas every month for every occupation. The Skilled Independent Visa Invites have an occupation ceiling which means that only a set number of EOIs should be selected for a particular occupation. Once it reaches the quota, no further invites are issued. 

Note: The frequency of invitation rounds has been severely disrupted due to the pandemic. It is important to consult with immigration consultants for immigration to Australia from India

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