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How An Indian PR Agency Does Helps in Finding an Australian Residency?

Australia PR consultant in Delhi

For those who are looking forward to a country that offers permanent residency to a non-citizen, then moving to Australia is the ideal choice. Australia is the most popular country where many can obtain a permanent visa that allows them to work and reside here for an indefinite time. We at Giant Migration are the best PR agency that has trusted and experienced Australia PR consultant in Delhi providing all the assistance to those who need a visa. Before applying for a PR visa for Australia, you should know that there are some statistics about PR visas. Those who are new need to be guided by a professional and certified consultant.

The Australian permanent residency is a procedure that is organized and systematic enough to humane core aspects with the education factors. Someone who is a permanent visa holder in the country will be considered a permanent resident and is allowed to pursue education, live or work without restrictions. Below listed are some differences that will make you a permanent resident as you will get most of the citizen rights…

  1. A permanent resident, in most cases, will not be allowed to vote in an Australian government election while the citizen has the right to do so.
  2. If permanent resident wishes to travel internationally, they will be required to make sure that they hold a PR visa with legal travel authority.  

Let’s understand the Australia PR that has categorized skilled migration that we have listed below:

  • Skilled Independent Visa- Subclass 189: Australia independent visa is the most popular skilled migration visa across the globe. Candidates who are not sponsored by the employer, state or family member residing in Australia can apply for the visa. Candidates who are qualified and skilled in education and have experience can apply for the visa. However, it is essential for the candidate to score at least 65 points in skilled migration. Such qualification enables the applicant to become eligible to apply for a subclass 189 visa.

Australia PR consultant in Delhi

  • Skilled Nominated Visa- Subclass 190: Australia nominated (sponsored) visa is applied by those who are sponsored by state in Australia and the applicant is bound to live and work in the nominated state for a period of at least 2- years. It is essential for them to qualify for the skilled migration test with 65 points including the state nomination points. To apply for this particular visa, they have to choose an occupation from the Australian occupation list. Later you will be required to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) via skill select online to get an invitation.
  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa: skilled regional visa subclass 491 is a five-year visa that allows one to live and work in the regional area of Australia to seek permanent residency. Living and working in Australia for at least 3- years will make one eligible to apply for permanent residency.


We at Giant Migration, is one of the leading and fastest-growing immigration and PR consultancy offers assistance in choosing the right visa and filing precise documents for the visa application process. Connect with our expert Australia PR consultant in Delhi that can be of huge help. 

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