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How Can You Immigrate To Canada Under The Business Class Program?

Canadian confederation system of government and the social norms provide a ‘European Alternative’ to the more unabashed capitalism of the USA. The country brings you European-style social benefits with high taxation and quality of life. Under the model, business immigrants enjoy the benefits of a national health care program, national pension system, and affordable first-class education that offers measurable annual income post-retirement.

Canada offers ample opportunities to foreigners who wish to commence business in the country. Each year, thousands of ambitious and aspiring entrepreneurs land on our shores and there are no reasons why you shouldn’t be one of them.

You can apply through a business class program under Canada immigration consultants in DelhiA Canadian business immigration visa, as you may not know, is ideal for all those business owners or entrepreneurs who aspire to establish and operate businesses in the country, a place that is blooming with opportunities. Thousands of businessmen or entrepreneur move to the country each year in the hopes of transforming their idea into a successful business, thanks to the business immigration program, which strive to encourage more and more investment and job opportunities.

There are three categories under the business class program: Entrepreneur Program, Self-employed Persons Program, and Investor Immigration Program.

Entrepreneur Program: Entrepreneurs are encouraged to commence their business in the country since they have the potential to contribute to the Canadian economy and under this particular program, they can acquire permanent residency in the country. A candidate qualifies for the visa only if they invest to establish a business that will benefit the economy of the country within the period of 2 years.

Investor Immigration Program: This particular visa encourages foreign investors to make investments in businesses in the country. They are allowed to reside in Canada permanently along with their families. Only those who have a great background in business and have ample experience in controlling and operating business qualify for a visa under the investor immigration program.

Self-employed Persons Program: Now, this visa allows two kinds of self-employed persons for the program: those who purchase or establish a business in the country making a huge contribution to the Canadian economy or art and culture. People with farm management experience can purchase or manage farms in Canada.

Now that you know ways to Immigration to Canada from India through a business class program, connect with our immigration experts at Giant Migration to experience a smooth and successful journey.


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