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How the Dynamics of Australian Immigration have changed in 2021

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, there has been some serious impact on Australia’s economy, the government has announced a few updates on the migration programme for 2021. Migration has always made a huge contribution to Australia’s economy as well as culture however, there have been a certain delay and travel restriction in 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak, the pandemic has impacted the country quite hard. Well, if you are planning to migrate to Australia there are a few things that you can expect about the immigration that has changed in 2021. The process of migration is complex, considering that, it is advised to connect with the best Australia immigration consultants in Delhi to have expertise on board. Below listed are some of the dynamics that have changed over the course…

New Post-Study Visa Extension

The government has made changes to the temporary graduate visa effective from September 2020 to support the visa holders that are stranded outside of Australia. Students are permitted to receive the visa from outside of Australia. In October, students in regional Australia extended their 485 visa by one year or two, however it depends on their university. Anyone pursuing education at a college or university that is located outside of Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne can expect to extend their stay in 2021 and grow their career.

Skilled Visa Nomination Programmes to Re-open for Immigration

Australian states and even territories have received final allocations for the skilled visa nomination programme for 2020-2021. International graduates who are planning for PR (permanent residence) now can expect the full programme to be re-established this year. New South Wales has more allocations but it will begin assessing the application in February however, Queensland’s programme might remain suspended.

Recent changes in the Australian immigration policies – Buckeys

Australian Citizenship Test Updated

The Australian government has updated the Citizenship test, the latest changes focus on the values of the country. The minister for immigration, citizenship, and migrant services, and multi-cultural affairs has confirmed that the updates are going to be implemented for the first time to include a section focused on Australian values. The test will include 20 multiple-choice questions, out of them, five will be based on the values of the nation. An applicant will be expected to answer appropriately.

Rules on ‘high-risk biosecurity Goods’

Australian immigration has always been quite specific about whatever one brings across the border but the rules this year will be more authoritarian. Effective from January 1, you could have your temporary visa revoked in case one tries to smuggle something that could be considered as a prohibited item. If you are caught doing so, the penalty is expensive, banned items that could be food, meat, or even a plant that can pose a threat to the nation, you could have your visa canceled.

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