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Key Updated To Travel New Zealand Post Pandemic

New Zealand has been a model for how to deal with coronavirus outbreaks. With early lockdown and strict border rules, suppressing the virus to an astonishing degree. However, the country is working nowadays quite hard to contain the virus and many have since the outbreak of the Delta variant. Auckland, the nation’s largest city, has been on level 4 lockdown controlling the virus outbreak with authentic effort.

Let’s discuss what the offer is.

New Zealand’s landscape is incredible, with soaring peaks, beautiful valleys, and good long hiking spaces. You can explore the beautiful Cape Reinga or Ninety Mile Beach provides vast sea views from North Island. However, with all this beauty you can enjoy a welcoming culture and numerous job opportunities.

Who Can Move?

The rules are simple, instead of a few exceptions for partners, critical workers, only New Zealand citizens have permission to enter the country without actually requesting to travel. You can connect with the best immigration consultants in Delhi for New Zealand to find out about the border entry requirements. New Zealand has temporarily suspended entrance for all travelers, including New Zealand citizens.

Key updates: 

  • EXTENDED TRAVEL CONDITIONS: Those who have a resident visa with travel conditions with the expiration date between 25 August 2021 and 10 September 2022. They will have their conditions extended till 11th September 2022. 


  • REQUEST EXTENSION CHECK: Those who possess resident visas who have had their travel conditions extended will get connected with immigration New Zealand via e-mail by 10th September 2021. Resident visa holders will be able to know about the travel conditions online by 10 September 2021. 


  • CHECK IF YOU ARE ABLE TO TRAVEL: Border restrictions have affected a lot of people who have the permit and granted their resident visa offshore and are not able to travel to New Zealand, and have left the nation. Many are granted a resident visa within the nation and have travel conditions of 24 months. 


  • Resident visa will expire in case you are outside New Zealand with expired conditions for travel 
  • Border restrictions are applied
  • Current border restrictions apply


So, if you are planning to move, connect with us at Giant Migration. Being one of the best immigration consultants in Delhi for New Zealand,we strive to help our clients manage the immigration process. Our consultants assist you from the initial phase to the end of the procedure ensuring that everything is done properly. Contact us to experience a smooth immigrating journey! 

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