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Migrating To Canada From India In 2021 Is Still The Same

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Canada is one of the most popular countries that immigrants move to. 2021 sure has erupted the question, is it still worth migrating to? Well, keeping Canada’s long history of welcoming people who wish to migrate in mind, it maintains the country’s reputation as the friendliest country. More strict immigration rules implemented by the United States of America in the past few years have encouraged more people to prefer moving to Canada, as they are more immigrant-friendly and have less rigid rules. Even professionals working in the technical field that used to choose the U.S in the past are now looking forward to moving to Canada to make their career. Not just U.S. residents, more and more people are choosing Immigration to Canada from India

Not one but there are many reasons why it is “still” worth moving to this beautiful country in 2021…

  • Government’s positive immigration plans: Canada is ready to welcome more than one lakh new permanent residents over the period of the next three years to help drive an economic recovery, after the heavy impact of the coronavirus outbreak and pandemic. Besides this, immigrants are required to counter the effects of an ageing population and the low birth rate. The immigration targets for 2021-2023 that are set to welcome about 60% of the immigrants under the economic class program that even includes the provincial nominee program and express entry program. Those who are planning to migrate to Canada, have a good chance of starting and leading a new life in this country. Canada is looking for migrants equipped with skills and great experience due to the force shortage in the industry.


  • Efficient Immigration Program: Canada offers a well-planned approach to immigration with various immigration systems that meet numerous requirements. The immigration process has really made the OECD raise the value of the government’s program to hire skilled workers from across the country. The OECD has really appreciated the express entry program for its fast-paced procedure that helps skilled foreign workers to apply for permanent residency and attain one.

  • Nation Ranking: Having a good reputation and being ranked 5th in the Forbes ranking, although the nation has natural resources, the economy is more service-oriented. More than 75% of Canadians are employed in the service field as per the Canadian statistics. Over the past few years, the manufacturing or oil and petroleum industry have been experiencing small yet steady growth. This means, moving to this country will offer you numerous job opportunities.


  • Plenty of Opportunities: as mentioned earlier, Canada has been experiencing a shortage of experienced labor in many business sectors, which means, they need skilled labor to overcome the shortage. Keeping that in mind, migrants will be more than welcomed in the country, therefore, you can move and settle down to start a new life. You can seek many job opportunities in the field of manufacturing, retail, food, education, transportation, warehousing, and other industries.  


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