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Regulating Major Specification By Canada For Temporary Foreign Workers!

The governmental authorities of Canada have placed some new regulations for the essential well-being of the temporary foreign workers. The governmental bodies in Canada devoted their time and efforts towards these laws to make sure that the vital contributors towards their many industries are safe and sound amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Now is the time to contact potential Canada immigration consultants in Delhi NCR to make your dreams of moving to Canada come true!

So, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Marco Mendicino, and the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion, Carla Qualtrough, have declared some new regulations to help block and counter the violation and mistreatment of temporary foreign workers while they are staying amidst the country! 

The predominant clauses include the following! –

1) Enhancing the Government’s capacity to deter malignant participants from engaging in the program!

This clause is made for the authorities to assess the applications of the potential candidates throughout, thereby preventing any malicious information or detail. The rules also state that they will be suspending the process of the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) if any sort of non-assent is found in the respective applications.

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2) Enhancing the all-around protection and security for temporary foreign workers!

This clause is made to preserve and protect the temporary foreign workers of the country. The rights under this clause are to be communicated by the respective employers mandatorily and with precision! 

  • These laws restrain the retaliation of the employers whose workers came forward with complaints. 
  • These laws make sure that the employee gets proper help and facility of health insurance whenever needed.
  • These laws make sure that there will be no malignant act of authority against the temporary foreign workers.


3) Establishing the Government’s ability to conduct thorough inspections and examinations.

This clause includes thorough research as well as the need for essential documentation whenever needed. 

In summation, with these clauses, the regulations of the country have launched some extra facilities and amenities to benefit the temporary foreign workers.

  • There are added features in the Job Bank which will enable and assist the foreign workers to look for a new job, whenever the need arises!
  • There are added facilities such as helplines with multilingual speakers to assist the temporary foreign workers.


Each of these rules and regulations is created with a clear intention of utmost service and facilitation towards the temporary foreign workers in mind, and each of these regulations will help them with their vital needs. In conclusion, immigration to Canada from India, easier than ever!

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