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Steps To Apply for Canada PR Visa and How It Works for Any Individual in Flying from Delhi

There are certain programs under which any individual can apply for finding a suitable Canada PR visa, it all depends on what grounds and under which category you are applying for your visa, whether you are going for a job purpose, business, study, travel, or for a simple permanent residency. In India, many people fly every year to Canada to find a suitable identity in that province for their concerning purposes and many of them apply for visas with the help of the best Canada PR visa consultants in Delhi. But before applying for a visa it is important to know what are the important things to take care of, before applying for a Canada PR visa, if you are flying from Delhi.

In an express entry program, you can apply as skilled worker provision under which you can mention your details, related to the profession and the job you are going to do in Canada, this program is based on the eligibility system and if you lie under the eligibility criteria and you skilled enough, then you can apply for this program and get a successful Canada PR visa. For which you have to score points for every eligibility aspect, and your chances of applying under this category increases. There are some sub-categories under this express entry programs which are as follows:

  • Federal skilled worker program 
  • Federal skilled trades program
  • Canadian experience class  

Canada PR Visa | Check Your Eligibility & Apply for Canadian PR from India

The above-mentioned categories of the program are for different ages of people and for different skills they are applying in, to fly from Delhi to Canada. You need to pass any security checks and immigration processes in Delhi if you want to fly from Delhi to Canada. You can simply take the help of expert Canada PR visa consultants in Delhi, who are skilled and knowledgeable at their maximum, in offering all the facilities related to Canada PR and visa. There are some complex but relevant steps that you need to follow for applying for a Canada PR visa such as:

  • First Login your official visa account that is made
  • Search for the online visa form and fill in your basic and important details 
  • Then you need to scan your required documents and attach the files to it
  • Then you need to pay the mentioned fees according to your program that you have applied for 
  • Then after the payment submit your complete form
  • Then your application will be submitted to portal to be processed 
  • You can check your form status online anytime 


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