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Top Benefits of Studying in Regional Australia

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When you study in Regional Australia, there are many benefits in store for you. From obtaining 5 points for Permanent residency to earning a job in Australia, pursuing courses in regional areas of Australia is quite beneficial.

Contrary to metropolitan cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, the cost of education and living in regional areas are lower. Even with the exponential rise in the number of students, the chances of students enrolling in universities in the big cities of Australia are lower.

When we talk of regional areas, the most popular ones offering benefits to students include Perth, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, New Castle, Canberra, Lake Macquarie, Geelong, Illawarra, and Hobart. Here’s all you need to know about the benefits offered by these cities before hiring immigrating services in Delhi NCR

  1. Stay for an additional year for post-study work visa applicants– After completing your graduation from a regional area university in Australia, you can get full-time work rights for an extra year on a post-study work visa.
  2. Courses that can help you earn a job– When you plan your immigration to Australia, think about how studying in the country can be fruitful. Make the best use of popular courses provided by Australian universities that hold relevance to local professions.
  3. Small classes– the smaller the size of your class, the better you learn in regional Australian universities. Moreover, you can also avail yourself of the best personal tutoring from expert faculty.
  4. Affordable living costs- If you plan to live in a big city in Australia, you will have to shell out more money. However, in the countryside and small towns, living costs are affordable and hence beneficial for international students.
  5. Scholarships– Another benefit of enrolling in regional area universities in Australia is they offer scholarships for students. Moreover, These universities support those students who are studying Certificate IV to doctorate level courses in Australia.
  6. Improve migration options– If you are an international student, you can get brownie points for enrolling in regional area universities. Thereby, you can also study and settle in Australia. According to the rules of the Department of Home Affairs, Australia, you will earn 5 points for Australian Permanent residency (PR) if you opt to live and study in regional areas.
  7. Relaxed lifestyle- Big cities are mostly crowded; however, regional areas of Australia are very quiet and offer a relaxed lifestyle to their residents. The population size of these regions is comparatively smaller and makes people feel as if they are living in a close-knit environment. Moreover, you can also avail entertainment and healthcare facilities in these regions.
  8. Explore the island nation– While living in Australia, you must explore and spend time visiting its natural and fascinating wonders. The country is known for its sandy beaches, magnificent deserts, and mountains, and you will not find such great places of tourist attractions elsewhere. Another benefit of regional university campuses is that they are closer to the number of natural wonders. If you are an international student studying on one of these campuses, these exotic locations can be accessed with ease.

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