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What Are the New Pathways Introduced by Canada, How It Helps the Immigrants?

Canada PR Visa Consultants in Delhi

You can call it pathways or different programs that are concluded, to migrate to Canada. This country has initiated some programs for different types of migrants/refugees to get a permanent resident visa to study, job, or for business purposes. Giant migration is the Visa expert consulting firm that gives their customers precise updated data and info about the visa and immigration. Apart from being the renowned visa counsellor we also procure as the best Canada PR Visa Consultants in Delhi. If you are looking to migrate to Canada for any specific purpose then we also have all the tools and kits ready to apply for making you eligible for the Canada visa. Canada has merely introduced some new pathways to travel for different purposes to Canada and these are different programs accordingly:

  • Permanent residence pathway for graduate students
  • For Essential workers especially healthcare permanent residence
  • Other essential services permanent residence
  • Permanent resident for French-speaking international candidates
  • French-speaking healthcare essential permanent residence
  • Permanent residence for French-speaking other essential services   


The above listed permanent residence pathways are some novels introduces by Canada, and apart from this there are some more different programs under which a person can avail permanent residence vis in Canada such as the entrepreneur pilot program, Quebec selected investor program, Argi pilot program, and many more. These referred to the tools that can swiftly determine that you are eligible for the visa of Canada or not.

Canada PR Visa Consultants in Delhi

Fly Canada by embracing Some Best Canada PR Visa Consultants in Delhi 

Delhi is known to be the city from where many Indian residents fly to Canada every year for different purposes such as study, business, jobs, etc. so giant migration has catered some good Canada PR visa consultants in Delhi so that the Indian residents may not face any problem in flying from India to Canada for settling. In India, you can very easily branch your visa and immigration problems to the experts of Giant migration, for resolving your visa procedures as they ensure the reliability and exquisite service pattern for every candidate.

Our team at Giant Migration has years of skill and procured information that will help you in the application of via from start to end, as the consultants are individually very qualified and confident in their knowledge. Personalized assistance is offered while consultation sessions because we believe that every applicant has induced their money and hopes to find a successful execution for their visas to Canada and other parts of the world. We confidently say that the information and application for above mentioned new Canada pathways are securely and genuinely given at our doorsteps for the migrants who are looking to achieve permanent residence in Canada for pursuing their dream business, dream job, or Dream identity in this country. Call to connect Giant Migration for believing that the visa processes happen to be quick and reliable but, only with us.  

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