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Why Is Australia A Popular Choice Among Indians For Migration?

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A developed nation with rapidly increasing economic growth and well-paid jobs, Australia has been the top choice among Indians for migration. Because Australia provides a better standard of living to the migrants coming from different parts of the world, it has become one of the best countries in the world to live in. The country holds a good reputation as the Australian Government is very friendly and welcomes the migrants with whole heart and grace.


Are you clueless about the migration process?

To get authentic information on the legal formalities, you should get in touch with the best immigration consultants in India for Australia. The best consultants will extend complete guidance and support to you if you are sat on the fence. They keep you updated with the requirements and the eligibility criteria after which the ball is in your court.

Why do Indians move to Australia?

–  The high-quality education system provides immense growth opportunities. The expanding industries are giving birth to a large number of well-paid job opportunities. Australia provides free/ subsidized education to its citizens.

– The advanced healthcare system- Australian government provides free/ subsidized healthcare from the best hospitals in the country

– We are aware of the diverse cultures in India. Australia has a multicultural extravaganza, and a big Indian community resides there as well.

– Food and Coffee Culture- We are already aware of how fond we are of food, and  Australian food culture is the cherry on the top!

– There is no Language barrier

The best Immigration Consultants in Delhi NCR provide various services and help you sort the visa application according to your eligibility. They extend immigration services in skilled immigration, business immigration, student visa, work visa, etc. 

Best immigration consultants in India for Australia

To migrate to Australia from India, you must score at least 65 points under the Australian immigration system.

The requirements are as listed below-

  • Age- points are rewarded according to age.
  • IELTS Scorecard to prove your English proficiency.
  • Study and work experience certificates.
  • Partner skills under spouse application.
  • State nomination; if you wish to have a state-nominated visa.


Although, the best Immigration consultants in India for Australia will guide you better in detail about all the eligibility criteria and documentation process that goes into the immigration process. Once you get acquainted with the basic information one needs,  the consultants with their right skill sets and years of experience ease your immigration process. 

To get a smooth journey, you can get connected to Giant Migration, the best visa consultants in Delhi NCR. Come rain or shine; our consultant will be there right from your documentation filing to getting accommodated in the new land. Any problems faced by you are on us, and we assist in all legal formalities.

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