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For individuals who are willing to invest in  a company in Canada, or planning to create a business, launch a franchise, bring in a venture, or open a branch of business in Canada, the Canadian Investor Visa is a lucrative option. There are two categories of visas for investors:

  • Investment in a business
  • Investment in the country.

To invest in the economy, you must extend the Canadian government an investment of $150,000-$800,000 CAD. After a fixed duration, the government will provide you with a permanent residency. Again, to apply for an investor visa to start a business in Canada, you must have capital worth $350,000-$800,000 CAD.

The government of Canada will also demand a net worth, ranging from $350,000-$1,600,000 CAD, depending on the province to which you are applying. Your net worth and earnings must be lawfully collected.

The Government of Quebec is proposing its own scheme, which is a more enticing choice for eligible immigrant investors, who wish to settle in the province and, on the basis of their investment, gain permanent residency. For any investment scheme, people who have health issues or hold a criminal record, are not eligible to participate.

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