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German education is widely respected in the world, and many major companies accept graduates from the German universities. The classical approach to schooling is respected and honors the centuries-old practices. At German universities, there have always been many foreigner students. Any child above the age of six in Germany starts attending kindergarten. Primary schooling is the first four years, then there is a split into classes.

Students who obtain average elementary school results continue their studies for 6 years at Realschule, in which they will either get a specialization or go to college. And the most competent ones move on to study at the gymnasium after Realschule (Gymnasium). Young citizens receive a classical education and a diploma at the gymnasium, which gives them the ability to enter universities.

The level of education at the German gymnasium is very high, equivalent to the level of the 2nd year of university in many countries, according to the international classification. Schooling is free of charge in Germany, and the first two measures are obligatory for all.

The principle of “academic freedom”, stands tall amongst all the universities of Germany: each student is free in the choice of academic disciplines and the plan for their development. This is also because almost all the German universities are crowded, this may sometimes be to an extent that provides the students not enough opportunity to stay in the lecture hall, in effect to which, they have to rely on video broadcasting of the lecture. There will, of course, be no talk of such concepts as curating and personal contact with the instructor under such circumstances. It points out that a great deal depends on the self-discipline and ability of the pupil to learn knowledge and skills. 

The compulsory and free schooling in Germany applies to the foreigners as well. The only requirement is that they must know German and English, this must be at a decently high level. Otherwise, it would be challenging to attend school and understand what’s being taught to them. The minimum required level is European B2. However, the international schools are curated specifically for the foreign children in all major German cities, inclusive of German and English courses. 

In Germany, there are many types of universities. These are, first of all, state ones, of which schooling was free until recently. Private (commercial) levels of education are often available, and are also in no way equivalent to state universities.

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