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In the education sector, New Zealand holds a leading role. This is not shocking at all, since the nation funds educational institutions generously and tracks compliance with high levels of education. Every year, the number of foreign students who choose to get a degree from a university in New Zealand rises. New Zealand’s education system is based on the British model, including the road to high school from primary school.

Education in New Zealand, is conducted in English. Awareness of the language is a must. Hence, it is an important criteria to be checked with the help of an international certificate such as the IELTS. Although the diplomas of New Zealand universities are widely recognized, they are highly cited worldwide and, above all, in nations such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

All these factors and many more make New Zealand extremely attractive for the students worldwide. All the conditions that make New Zealand the best study abroad destination are present in the country.  It offers a productive study environment, handsome internships, along with comfortable living.

For the length of the student’s education, a student visa to New Zealand is issued. When the period of the study is more than one year, for the second year of the study, the records must be recovered and verified again for extension of visa. 

Giant Migration is familiar with the education system that prevails in New Zealand. We extend the best help to you, in order to assist you make the right choice of education institution. We also help you with the documents and paperwork. We have decades of experience in handling the immigration process to New Zealand. Contact us and we can help you in the process of obtaining student visa in New Zealand.

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