Planning to visit friends and relatives in Australia or just going there for a holiday? The Australian Visit Visa is suitable for people who are temporarily visiting Australia. Being one of the most stunning nations in the world, has plenty to give to any tourist. However, you are required to show a valid Australian Visa, in order to enter the country premises. Until and unless, you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen. 


The Australia Visit Visa is used to promote travel and tourism to Australia by helping people visit their families and business people exchange some trade talks. Three main subtypes of this visa exist:

  • Tourist visitor: someone who travels to Australia for fun and pleasure or to visit friends and family. You should apply from outside or within Australia for this.
  • Company visitor: For business people who make short business visits for business, negotiations or to attend events. For this, you must apply from outside Australia.
  • Family tourist funded- For family members outside Australia who are sponsored by an Australian citizen or permanent resident for a visit visa.

The beautiful Australia welcomes visitors from across the globe. here are some points to keep in mind related to Australia visit visa:

  1. You cannot work on a visitor’s visa
  2. The visit visa allows you to travel and stay across Australia
  3. The visa is typically issued for a period of 3months to around 12 months.

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