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Canada, located in North America, is the second largest country in the world. Surrounded by waters of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic oceans. One of the most diverse and fertile ecosystems, this is the essence of Canada. The tundra, the coniferous forests, limitless steppes and even the taiga can be found here. Long rivers, deep lakes, and strong waterfalls makes this nation rich. French and English are the state’s official languages. Yet, you will come across many other languages thanks to the huge influx of visitors, but the language barrier would not complicate your visit to Canada. The national currency of the country is the Canadian dollar, and Ottawa is the state capital. 

As one of the best countries, renowned for ski resorts, Canada is winter sports capital. Winter sports fans can enjoy the beautiful mountains and a chance to fly on the world’s best hills. Fans of hiking, snowboarding and other adventurous activities come here so they can enjoy skiing in the snow-capped mountains. All the nature lovers are sure to be drawn to Canada, particularly for its landscapes and views. 

The Embassy of Canada in the applicant’s country of residence/citizenship takes the decision to grant a tourist visa. This decision is not taken randomly, but is based on a variety of essential factors: your solvency, your immigration status, and the faith an emigration officer has in you that you will return to your country of residence after the stay ends.

The presence of all the right documents and correct strategy, ensures that the odds of making a positive choice are maximized. In the event of a rejection, we make use of the CAIPS appeal process, which helps you to view your file and the officer’s remarks on the refusal, to examine the shortcomings of your submission, and to take reasonable action to remove them.

Giant Migration, a renowned immigration consultancy firm in India will swiftly handle your visit to Canada. Our Consultants leave no stone unturned when it comes to paperwork and ensuring you pass the immigration process without hassle.

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