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The fairy-tale castles, black forest canopy and picture perfect towns, what more could a travel maniac want? All these and much more await you on your arrival in Germany. But before any of these, one needs to have a visitor visa ready to travel. Germany is a popular destination and ranks at the eight position in the World Tourism Ranking list.

Top Reasons to Apply for Germany Tourist Visa

Tons of advantages come with a German tourist visa. Here are a few of them:

  • Rich History – Germany has a rich past, with its association with Word War II, and tons of historical figures associated, like Adolf Hitler, Nazism, and so much more. The French Revolution and other wars also add Germany to the list of places that are rich with historical past.
  • World Leader in Technology – The country of technology, Germany is known for famous car brands. Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, are all gifts of Germany to us.
  • Most Gorgeous Castles – For its scenic beauty and fairytale castles, Germany is popular. In Bavaria, there is a castle called “Neuschwanstein Castle”; Walt Disney Castle is claimed to be inspired by it.
  • German Foods – Where do you get the best breads, cakes, etc? It’s the German food that is delectable, presentable and renowned worldwide.

Requirements for Applying For Germany Tourist Visa

Here are some of the requirements for Germany Tourist Visa:

  • Passport size Photographs are mandatory.
  • The passport should be valid for 10 years and a blank page should be left so that it is easy to attach the visa sticker.
  • The bank statement of the last three months is expected to be presented.
  • A confirmation letter from the health insurer, specifying that a minimum of RS. 30000 will finance the medical care.
  • It is important to illustrate evidence of accommodation. It can be details about your hotel reservations, a message from your acquaintance or anyone related.
  • It is necessary to show proof of booking a trip. Tourist Visa Consultants in Germany will assist you in this or you can find it yourself online.
  • Proof of financial capital is also needed.
  • A Certificate of No Objection is required.
  • If you are a student, it should be published by your institution.
  • A cover letter is also required. You have to clarify the reasons behind your visit and even the specifics of the period and whereabouts of your visit in the cover letter.
  • There should be an acceptance letter attached. The specifics of the address, time of stay, contact details etc. should be included in this letter. It must come from the person in Germany who invited the claimant.

In your pursuit to get a visit visa, Giant Migration can help you. We are certified consultants with experienced staff to help you in every step of your immigration process. Contact us now, to know more about our process.

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